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The Education Initiative officially started its implementation phase in Fall 2016.

Teaching + Learning Commons: A direct outcome of the Education Initiative, The Commons is dedicated to the theory, practice, and scholarship of teaching and learning. Its mission is to advance learning by creating a campus-wide culture of engaged teaching and learning.

Engaged Learning Tools (ELT): Provide a one-stop shop for students to find out about opportunities across campus and engage in experiential learning such as:

  • Research Experience and Applied Learning (REAL) Portal: Created for students to discover internships, research opportunities, international experiences, and more.
  • Electronic Transcript: Provides students with an electronic academic transcript that includes course descriptions, instructor information, and grade distribution.
  • Co-Curricular Record: Gives students an opportunity to document activities on an official, printable record and share with employers and graduate programs
  • Electronic Portfolio:  Students can showcase their experiences and work within and beyond UC San Diego in an online profile enabling them to more easily share with others the skills they developed
  • Competencies and Transferrable Skills: Provides a framework of competencies and transferrable skills essential for student development.