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The Education Initiative was formally launched in Fall 2012 as a complement to UC San Diego’s research initiatives to explore and leverage current best global thinking about educational strategies. The Education Initiative was incorporated into UC San Diego’s Strategic Plan.

More than 400 faculty and educators have been part of discussion and planning for a cultural transformation on campus by participating as members of Education Initiative-related Committees and Subcommittees, events, workshops, and conversations.

Structure (2012-2014)

Leadership Team: The Leadership Team included Barbara Sawrey (co-chair), Kim Barrett (co-chair), Gabriele Wienhausen, Jeanne Ferrante, Steven Adler, Beth Simon, Kathleen D. Johnson, and Marina Hayden. Alan Houston, Jeff Elman, and Amy Binder joined the Leadership Team for 2013-14.

2013–2014 Working Group: Membership List

2013–2014 Committees and Subcommittees:

  • Engaged Teaching
  • Engaged Learning
    • First-Year Transition Program
    • Experiential Learning Portal
    • Student Electronic Record System

2012–2013 Committees:

  • Engagement Inside the Classroom
  • Technology-Enhanced Education
  • Real World/Transferable Skills/Career Competencies
  • Co-Curricular and Out-of-Class Activities